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Netapp Filer Log files

I am new to Netapp and use various filers to support such as the FAS 2040, FAS6070, FAS3070 to name a few.  I wanted to find about the logging, where all the system messages,event, errors are logged for the filers and what are the log files and where are they located, so at least I am aware in case of troubleshooting purposes.  Is there a link which explains about logging, or can anyone advise.



Re: Netapp Filer Log files

The NetApp Controllers have the "messages" file, which logs the console output to these files. You can find it in the root volume, in the /etc directory.

All other logfiles are located in the subdirectory /logs in the same location as before.

If you want to get them centrally, install OnCommand Core 5.0, which will collect and track all events on your systems in a central location and provide a webinterface to access the information.


Re: Netapp Filer Log files

The following list outlines the various log files and their locations used by Data ONTAP. In addition, ONTAP also uses syslogd daemon to log system messages (and uses the config file /etc/syslog.conf)

/etc/log/messages (symbolic link to /etc/messages) 
/etc/log/backup and /etc/log/ndmpdlog 
/etc/log/ftp.cmd and /etc/log/ftp.xfer 
Shelf Messages:
/etc/log/shelflog/shelflog_ata and /etc/log/shelflog_esh 
Volume Operations:
Crash Files:
Performance Archives:
/etc/log/acp/acplog_master and /etc/log/acplog 

Re: Netapp Filer Log files

Is there a way I can view historic messages when logged into data ONTap CLI using putty or similar?



Re: Netapp Filer Log files

If not already responded to see the following:


setup (if not already) a saved putty session for the filer you wish to extract the logs from.


within the Category for the saved filer select the logging option, on the right under "session logging" select "all session output"

then within the log file name field browse to were you wish to save the log file.

Give it a name, and save this to your "saved" filer putty session"


Connect to the filer and test as you add text to the cli it will output to the log file.


Once working within the cli run the following  command; rdfile /etc/messages.0


This will give you a history and output it to your log file "whereever you saved it"


hope this helps.



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