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Netapp System Manager


We are getting ready to move to cluster mode on some of our arrays, but not all.

I see no obvious way that I can get to the 2 separate OCUM servers from pc's system manager.

It just goes to the 7-Mode one.

How do I configure it so I can connect to both OCUM servers preferably at the same time ?

The system manager version is 3.1.1RC1


----- walter


Re: Netapp System Manager


I think there is some confusion here.

System Manager is the configuration tool that connects only to 7-mode filers or cDOT cluster, not to OCUM.

OCUM is a management tool that mostly monitors your NetApp filers, but you don't use it to do configuration tasks.

System Manager handles both 7-mode and cDOT filers/clusters

OCUM has to be installed for one or another flavor. If your infrastructure has both 7-mode and cDOT systems installed, you should have two distincts installations of OCUM.

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Re: Netapp System Manager


Yes, I'm confused.

I have set up a cluster version of OCUM, what i'm wondering is how to get the system manager to connect to both.

As the one on my pc right now will connect to the 7-mode OCUM.  But I see no way to point it at the cDOT OCUM.

I can get the Netapp Management Console to connect to both.

And I can access the OnCommand System Console via the web browser

Just not the System Manager.


----- walter

Re: Netapp System Manager


As stated above, system manager is a local install on your workstation that is used to connect to filers.    OCUM is the manageability engine that manages the filers and does the alerting, and all sorts of jazz..

Re: Netapp System Manager


System Manager is standalone, does not need OCUM to work. It does not connect to OCUM, it connects only to a controller or a cluster.

Re: Netapp System Manager


Argggg, dunno why I was thinking SM connected to OCUM.

Anyway, thanks for clearing my brain!

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