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persistent error "quota: skipping new definition for /vol/vol_place/Test_Folder"


Hi everybody,

I am new in this communities so I apologize in advance if I am in the wrong group.

I have already been in NetApp Communities as a guest to looking for a solution for the following error :

"quota: skipping new definition for /vol/vol_place/Test_Folder"

The workaround is to turn off and to turn on the volume but, in another NetApp server, I do not have this error when I resize the volume.

Can someone have a definitive solution to resolve this error without turning off/on the volume  ?

Luckily, the interested volume is not big but it will growth soon...

Thank you for your help !


Message was edited by: Ravalijaona Lalatiana I forgot to specify the NetApp version : 7.3.6 Thank you in advance.


Re: persistent error "quota: skipping new definition for /vol/vol_place/Test_Folder"


Desactivate and reactivate quotas volume vol_place with system manager

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