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Netapp cDOT UTA FC port via brocade switch to IBM library. (LTO-7)


Well the title says it all.  We are seeing conflicting information.


We are finding that this configuration is NOT SUPPORTED.


Can someone either confirm or deny this configuration and provide documentation.





Can you give a link which says it is not supported?


Appears from the IMT


UTA2 ports can be configured as FC target/initiator or CNA (FCoE arget/Ethernet) mode. Both ports must be configured for the same mode and use same SFP+ type. Refer to the Cables link in this table to view supported SFP+ modules or copper twinax cables used in FC or CNA mode. X1143A cannot be used for cluster interconnect on this platform. UTA2 ports are not supported for connectivity to DS14 shelves. To connect to DS14 shelves, use the X1132A-R6 or X2054A-R6 FC adapters.

UTA2 ports are not supported with IBM tape devices. Direct connection to tape drives with UTA2 ports are supported on HP, Quantum, and Tandberg tape devices,

other non-IBM tape devices require a FC switch between the UTA2 port and tape drive.


We are not doing direct connection, we are using a brocade backup san. 


Our Netapp SE is agreeing with this.



Appears from the IMT


UTA2 ports are not supported with IBM tape devices.

Using direct connection; but you do are not going to use direct connection, so I do not see why it should not be supported. That is why I asked where have you seen this statement.


That's what my point was.  But we are trying to get confirmation from Netapp and IBM.  Makes no sense to me, if we go through a backup switch