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Network down for maintenance, what impact will be on SM?


We will have a cheduled network maintenance between PR and DR sites for about 2 hours.


If I understand correctly, the SM update should be able to catch up all increments that are lost during the maintenance.


However, to be safe, I am thinking we might should manully suspend it firust by "quiece", and then enable it by "update".  Will that be alright?


Are there any things we need to check or perform before and after the maintenace?


Failing would cause any issues and why?

Any inputs pls?




You are overthinking this.. The SM's will just fail b/c the network is offline..  


Just leave it.. You will be fine.     Once the system comes back up the system will sync to common vsm snap and you will not have any issues



I guess, if we just leave it, it should be caught up after the network maintenance is done, as you suggested.


However, since 2 hours are pretty long, and we have scheduled a replication every 30 mins, so, it might get errors after 8 attemps. So, I am wondering if suspending them first, then re-enabling, it would be more safer to ensure data consistency?

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