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New TR Released: TR-4698-DEPLOY NetApp ONTAP Deploy on Intel NUC


This document shows how to install Select Deploy on an Intel NUC to create a small form-factor Select Deploy appliance.

ONTAP Select Deploy is an essential tool used to create and monitor ONTAP Select clusters. Additionally, it provides a mediator service that enables high availability for two-node Select clusters. Deploy is provided as a virtual machine (VM) that runs on either the VMware ESXi or KVM hypervisors. In certain small-form-factor deployments, the hosts used forSelect do not have enough resources to run both a Select node and a Deploy VM.In those instances, an Intel NUC can be used to run Deploy as a low-cost, small-form-factor standalone appliance.

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Hi...As per a wordpress publishing, the VM requires 4 vCPUs, 16gb of RAM, and 300gb+ of disk space, which is just within reach of a small platform like the intel NUC.

The datastore really should be a local SSD or NVME based datastore for performance reasons, so I will be deploying it to the internal NVME drive on my NUC. The VM will need about 302GB for a thick provisioned deployment.


Could you share a link to the wordpress article? I'm curious why it says "300gb+" disk space - that's not a requirement for either Deploy or Select.


FYI - This post (TR) is about running Deploy on a NUC - not an actual ONTAP Select cluster. Requirements for Deploy are much lower (2 CPUs, 4GB Memory, 40Gb storage) - I run mine on a CentOS / KVM NUC setup (no OpenVswitch).


virt-install --name=deploy --vcpus=2 --ram=4096 --os-type=linux --os-variant=generic --controller=scsi,model=virtio-scsi --disk path=/home/deploy/ONTAPdeploy.raw,device=disk,bus=scsi,format=raw --network "type=bridge,source=br1,model=virtio" --console=pty --import --wait 0


A Select cluster has much more restrictive requirements and Deploy will verify much of it (ie. host, CPUs, avail. memory, storage space) - but never know what you might squeeze it into 😁