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Newbie question..how do I run perfstat ?

I am trying to gather stats on CIFs operations during our peak load.

How exactly do I run perfstat?

Do I need to ssh in to the filer?

What options should I be passing the command?


Rigth now when i ssh in and just type in perfstat, it says:


"perfstat not found.  Type '?' for a list of commands"


Fas 3070

OnTap ver: 7.2.3


Thanks for any help.


Re: Newbie question..how do I run perfstat ?

Perfstat is a tool you run from a management host, not on the filer directly. You need to enable RSH access from your filer to your management server (including the username of whoever you will be running it as). You can do this via the filerview or following this guide https://now.netapp.com/Knowledgebase/solutionarea.asp?id=kb7872

Download perfstat from here http://now.netapp.com/NOW/download/tools/perfstat/ and the same page shows some of the syntax for using it.

Depends what you are trying to get from the filer will depend what sort of detail you ask perfstat to pull out. Remember the files can get quite large!

Re: Newbie question..how do I run perfstat ?


thanks very much...

This is the syntax I am going to be using...

perfstat -f file01 -t 30 -i 46 > D:\download\logs\perfstat\filer01\perfstat-"Date_%date:~4,2%%date:~7,2%%date:~10,4%-Time_%time:~0,2%h%time:~3,2%m%time:~6,2%s"

I want to set this up as a onetime scheduled task on a Windows Server 2003 host.

But I am unclear as to what the frequncy should be.

On the "Schedule" tab of the windows scheduled job do I just specify Once fro the "Schedule Task"?

Do I have to specify any "repeat task" options in the "Advanced" tab?

Or is this already accounted for in the syntax itself?

Thansk for any help Chris.

Re: Newbie question..how do I run perfstat ?

The perfstat report will tell you everything you need to know about your filer and a lot more you do not.  Try not to get bogged down in the details as a 15Mb + text file is not uncommon.

Please post back if you need any help understanding what it is telling you.

If you have support, log a performance issue and they will take you through it.  It is how I started.


Re: Newbie question..how do I run perfstat ?

We have Operations Manager and use that for monitoring and reporting.  I only run up perfstat to look at issues directly.  From a bench mark point of veiw I run 3 samples of 5 minutes unless I need more.  I have kept perfstat data as it is always good to go back and review it, but our systems a quick dynamic as Chris will agree.

You will find if you try and run cli commands on your filer some will fail due to perfstat, aready running on the box.


Re: Newbie question..how do I run perfstat ?

You might not necessarily need to run it as a scheduled task. The perfstat command you have will run 46 iterations at 30 minute intervals, so this will just run on it's own as it is. Unless you want this run regularly? A word of warning, you will end up with some very large files very quickly if you leave this as a scheduled task.

Have you looked at Operations Manager to give you some historic performance statistics over time?

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Re: Newbie question..how do I run perfstat ?

great.thanks Chris.

I will set it to run just once with that syntax...

I have a 100 Gigs free on the host server.

So hopefully that is plenty.

Re: Newbie question..how do I run perfstat ?

Thanks brendon.

But OM is having issues for us and I need to get CIFs data ASAP fro a new project we are working on.


Re: Newbie question..how do I run perfstat ?

Also checkout the stats command. It is a very good way of getting quite detailed stats on a specific area in real time without too much hassle. The trouble with perfstat is that it will pull out information of every area of the system. Using the stats command you can tell it to just pull out specific CIFS information for you, and you can still get it to dump to a file. The extra advantage, is that stats is run directly on the filer, so you don't need a management host setup.

Re: Newbie question..how do I run perfstat ?

I followed this KB to get perfstat working correctly first.  https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=1013882

As part of that setup, I created a user on the filer that was the same as my Windows username and password.  In the script, I don't have to specify a password and the task is set with my Windows username and password for execution while I'm not logged in.

Then, I created a batch file "perfstat-collect.bat", put the batch file in the same directory with perfstat.exe (Which was in the OpenSSH bin directory) and created a scheduled task in Windows.  Be sure to specify the Start-in directory of the batch file in the scheduled task.

This is the contents of the batch file.  "perfstat.exe -f <IP of filer> -S kf:/cygdrive/c/users/<username>/.ssh/id_rsa -l <username> -g -t 15 -i 16 -I > <outputfilename>"

Re: Newbie question..how do I run perfstat ?

Hi Guys..

I have a simple question from you all of  "i want to performance logs  from my FAS6280"

when i am trying to perfstat by putty it's given to me "

"perfstat not found.  Type '?' for a list of commands"

If is there any chance??? to collect this performance log report from last 4-5 month either from OM or perfstat  please tel me steps or command..


OnTap ver: 8.1

Re: Newbie question..how do I run perfstat ?

If you don't want to mess around with openSSH and RSH, you can run perfstat really easily using this support tool:




You need a netapp support account to access the link.

Re: Newbie question..how do I run perfstat ?

Hi. I am trying to run perfstat through GUI. What NSS credentials needs be entered? I used Support site credentials but that did not work

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