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New Technical Report Released - TR-4517: ONTAP Select Product Architecture and Best Practices


ONTAP Select is clustered Data ONTAP deployed as a virtual machine and providing storage management services on a virtualized commodity server.

The ONTAP Select product can be deployed two different ways:


  • Non-HA (single node). The single-node version of ONTAP Select is well suited for storage infrastructures that provide their own storage resiliency such as VSAN datastores or external arrays which offer data protection at the array layer. The single node Select cluster can also be used for remote and branch offices where the data is protected by replication to a core location.


  • High availability (multi-node). The multi-node version of the solution uses two or four ONTAP Select nodes and adds support for high availability and clustered Data ONTAP non-disruptive operations, all within a shared-nothing environment.


More information, please check here



Where is the new report.

Its still the March version.