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ONTAP 9 allows NIS as a source for groups and netgroups but not hosts -- any ideas, why, please?




Does anyone understand the rationale, please, for ONTAP 9 not allowing NIS to be used as a source of "hosts" information when groups and netgroups *can* be looked up in NIS?


Only "files" and "DNS" are allowed as the sources, it seems.









4.1 Host Names

In the Data ONTAP 8.3 operating system and later versions, host name lookups (such as for use with export policy rules) are supported for use in both DNS and local files for SVMs. In versions of Data ONTAP earlier than 8.3, host names were supported only for use with DNS in data SVMs. However, host names could be provided at the cluster SVM level.

Note: For more clarification about the differences between data and cluster SVMs, see the section in this document about Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) Types.

Data ONTAP 8.3 and later versions do not support host name resolution through the cluster SVM for NFS export rule processing (that is, a single central DNS configuration for all SVMs in a cluster). Starting in 8.2.1, host name queries for export policy rules were moved from clusterwide DNS to the individual SVM to increase reliability and stability in host lookups. This change affects export policy rules that make use of host names, as well as domains, in the client match.

Note: Host name resolution through LDAP and NIS is currently not supported.


hopefully helps




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