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ONTAP Select Deploy failed




I'm trying to deploy ONTAP Select 9.0P1, but everytime the deploy utility wants to write the sdotconfig_<NODE>.iso to the datastore it fails.

I get the following error:

  • NodeCreateFailed: Node (<CLUSTER NODE>) create failed: (Failed to write file (https://<vCenter URL>/folder/<CLUSTER NODE>/sdotconfig_<CLUSTER NODE>.iso?dcPath=GNT&dsName=ONTAP_SELECT): 500 write failed: ).

I think the issue in with the dcPath parameter (marked in red). If I change it to 'dcPATH=BE%252fGNT' I can browse to it. My Datacenter is indeed in a folder BE.


Anybody an idea on how to get the correct URL for the deployement? I can't change the structure in vCenter.




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