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ONTP Release 9.7P10 - SNMP somehow broken

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    we realized that on release 9.7 (P7 and P10), the SNMP statistics are somehow broken. On version 9.6 P7 all was working ok. 

We are using a FAS2552 cluster. 


The problems I find are: 

  • One interface is missing on the SNMP walk, the interface e0e is not shown on both nodes;
  • The SNMP stats for the interfaces e0c and e0d show only the incoming stats, not the outcoming stats. It is not exactly zero, but the traffic reported for the outgoing bytes is not coherent with the real traffic reported. If I check the traffic on the switch port the interface is connected I don't find any problem. 
    The interfaces e0c and e0d are GBIC (described as auto-10g_twinax-fd-up). 


For the first problem, this is the walk of



-----SNMP query started-----
1: netifDescr.1 NuvolaSan4_1:e0a
2: netifDescr.2 NuvolaSan4_1:e0b
3: netifDescr.3 NuvolaSan4_1:e0M
4: netifDescr.4 NuvolaSan4_1:e0f
5: netifDescr.7 NuvolaSan4_1:e0c
6: netifDescr.8 NuvolaSan4_1:e0d
7: netifDescr.65537 NuvolaSan4_2:e0a
8: netifDescr.65538 NuvolaSan4_2:e0b
9: netifDescr.65539 NuvolaSan4_2:e0M
10: netifDescr.65540 NuvolaSan4_2:e0f
11: netifDescr.65543 NuvolaSan4_2:e0c
12: netifDescr.65544 NuvolaSan4_2:e0d




Does anyone know how to solve the problem? 





Re: ONTP Release 9.7P10 - SNMP somehow broken

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If no one comes along, I'd open a case. Unfortunately SNMP is one of those things you either use it or you don't.

Re: ONTAP Release 9.7P10 - SNMP somehow broken

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   but... does anyone else has this issue? 




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