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OnTap Simulator exported volumes


I did a quick search and didn't find what I was looking for, if there is a thread please direct me.


I'm new to OnTap, I've used many other storage products, EMC, HP, Sun and others.  I've downloaded OnTap simulator and have started working with it.  I created an aggregate and an SVM and exported a volume but I can't mount it, I get permission denied.  Is this a feature of the simulator?  I can understand that NetApp doesn't want to give away their product and have us use it for free, but if I can't mount any volumes how do I test features like permissions, users, roles and such?


If this isn't a feature what do I need to do to mount a volume?  I'm using NFS and I see it exported, I just can't mount it.






Hi Bob,


Most of the features should be able to work as long as you have it licensed when you setup your ONTAP SIM.  When you download the simulator version you should also see a license document.  If you already added the licenses you can reference the ONTAP 9 documentation to review how to export a NFS volume.


Also feel free to look at the following KB for additional assistance: Unable to mount a volume using NFS in ONTAP 9


Let us know if you have any additional questions.



Team NetApp


So, you're telling me that the mount should work.  Good, at least I know there's a solution.  I checked the links you provided and if I made a mistake I'm unclear where.  I created the SVM, I have a rule that allows any host read/write access to the share and from my client I can run showmount and get the following:


[root@plex ~]# showmount -e
Export list for
/ (everyone)
/test_NFS_volume (everyone)
/test_NFS_volume/qtree1 (everyone)


On any other NFS server this would be mountable.  I did check my licensing and both nodes show compliant for NFS.





By default some more recent flavors of Linux attempt to mount NFSv4 by default. Try adding nfsvers=3 to the mount command.  Mounting NFSv4 requires additional security considerations where NFSv3 can mount with just the export.


I'll try that, but I have a real NAS on my network that I'm mounting an nfsv3 volume from on that machine and I didn't have to specify, so I'll try JIC, but I'm not hopeful.





If the real NAS is only exporting NFSv3 the mount command will fall back to the level supported by the server. If this is the case you can get the same behavior by changing the export policy client access protocol to "nfs3".   Please let me know if this does not solve the issue. Thank you.


vserver export-policy rule modify



  • nfs - Any current or future version of NFS
  • nfs3 - The NFSv3 protocol
  • nfs4 - The NFSv4 protocol


As an example:

The default NFS version in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 is 4.2. NFS clients attempt to mount using NFSv4.2 by default, and fall back to NFSv4.1 when the server does not support NFSv4.2. The mount later falls back to NFSv4.0 and then to NFSv3.