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Out of support problem :: CIFS filesystem exported to NFS client


In a nutshell
Ontap 7.3.7p2 on a N3300, one snaplock volume, one cifs share. Oracle app....

AIX 7.11 client.needs nfs3 RW access.




#Auto-generated by setup Thu Sep 23 10:18:44 EDT 2010
/vol/vol0 -sec=sys,rw,nosuid
/vol/N330002Avol0 -sec=sys,rw,nosuid
/vol/archives -sec=sys,rw,nosuid
/vol/archives/qarchives -actual=/vol/archives/qarchives,sec=sys,rw=xxx.xxx.xxx.188,root=xxx.xxx.xxx.188


Root account can mount and list

Non root cannot with permissions error.


Not convinced Ontap is the issue, but have to prove it.






A couple of things.  


First, your system is old and need an upgrade


Second, you are using -actual, but are still exporting it as is.  The way I use -actual is for aliases, not in the way you are




Map the user to root in usermap.cfg file


Thanks for your really quick response. 🙂


1. agreed, not mine, just helping out. In another life I deployed and/or supported over forty 7mode systems across NA. My first recommendation was "UPGRADE NOW" 


2. agreed, however at this time we are only troubleshooting. It's a temp solution until decisions are made by the bean counters.


3. I have mapped a AIX user to a windows domain user that has required permissions : added " domain\username <= username", where usernames are the same. Not helpful.

WCC -s and -u confirm the mapping.


Reading the docs and believe this will do, can you confirm?

root <= oracleadmin


Thanks much


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