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Pre check health before running a fail-over


Hello is there any Linux or netapp 9 powershell Scrip we can run for pre check health before running a fail-over and also after for ONTAP 9? Or a set of commands to check everything.





I would use Config Advisor (onsite) or Active IQ (online). It's not specific for a failover, but they both check all of the system health areas that would cause problems.



Are all interfaces home?

network interface show -is-home false 

Cluster Status

cluster show 

Storage failover status

storage failover show

if 2-node, in a 2-node, make sure HA is enabled

cluster ha show

If more than 2-node and you want to see Epsilon:

set advanced ; cluster show


@TMACMD @bretta Thanks guys I know that could help but if I want to get something automated and faster... Does anyone knows if there is a Shell script or linux? 


I don't know of any shell scripts. Active IQ does have a REST-based API if you want to write your own scripts. I'm not sure what you mean "faster" Active IQ runs 7x24x365 in the background and you just check a web page ( https://activeiq.netapp.com ).


I have some questions which I might know the answer as I used to work for NetApp but need confirmation, please reply to me only.


Snapshot policies can only be created on Cluster or VMS (VSERVER) level right?


Snapshot policies when created in vserver level, does not mean all volumes will inherit the policy within that vserver, that is only when we actually apply the policy to the volume, right?


If I create a snapshot policy on a cluster level it does not mean all volumes will also inherit the policy within the cluster, right?


I can delete/edit the root volume of the cluster and also of the vserver VOLUME-ROOT?


Is there a way to apply the cluster snap policy to all volumes? Is there a way to apply the vserver snap policy to all volumes?


Is the Vserver root volume default policy always be there even when we apply another policy to the vserver itself?


@TMACMD @bretta