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Present external storage to a 7-mode filer: both emc vnx and IBM A9000


Hi, I am trying to present storage form both an EMC VNX and an IBM A9000 to a netapp 7-mode filer. (maybe doing the same with cDOT later)
I am trying to  expand my 7-mode filers storage with both A9000 (first) and then EMC VNX storage.
I cannot find any documentation - anyone have any links/advice?



Hi @robfstephenson


Can you please let me know some more details like.


Model, Dataontap version.... etc

Hi model and version below:


NetApp Release 8.2.1 7-Mode: Fri Mar 21 14:48:58 PDT 2014
                Model Name:         FAS8060

Thanks I'm checking through those documents now. The Filer is zoned into two fabrics I see the wwpns correspond to the out put from a "fcp show adapter" - which is good.




However, I also want to migrate some Netapp Luns to another IBM A9000. I have been checking the the Netapp Filer and I cannot find

any of the initiator wwpn's zoned in - I'm guessing that is one of the first steps?


Do you know of any documents which mention best practice for migrating volumes from a Filer to A9000?


Thanks. Rob



storage show adapter (WWPNs of the V-Series system FC initiator ports)
Slot:            0a
Description:     SAS Host Adapter 0a (PMC-Sierra PM8001 rev. C)
Firmware Rev:
Base WWN:        50:0a:09:80:03:70:a3:70
Slot:            0b
Description:     SAS Host Adapter 0b (PMC-Sierra PM8001 rev. C)
Firmware Rev:
Base WWN:        5:00a098:00370a3:74
Slot:            0c
Description:     SAS Host Adapter 0c (PMC-Sierra PM8001 rev. C)
Firmware Rev:
Base WWN:        5:00a098:00370a3:78
Slot:            0d
Description:     SAS Host Adapter 0d (PMC-Sierra PM8001 rev. C)
Firmware Rev:
Base WWN:        5:00a098:00370a3:7c




And they need to be a vseries or flex array personality.  I don't beleive they can be both FAS and vseries.



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