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Preserving snapshot of clone after it is refreshed (destroyed and recreated)


I need to know if there are any options for preserving a snapshot of a clone after the clone is refreshed from another source?


For example:


clonevolume exists

     snapshot is taken of clonevolume (SNAP1)


clonevolume is refreshed with another volume/snapshot  

     clonevolume offline/destroyed, which will remove the SNAP1 snapshot related to old version of clonevolume

     new clonevolume created (vol clone create.......)


After the refresh is there a way to revert clonevolume back to SNAP1?






"clonevolume is refreshed with another volume/snapshot  "


Having difficulty in understanding this part.. 😞

Generally, when a volume is deleted, all snapshots also will be deleted. If you want to restore something after that point, I think you should have an aggregate level snapshot.


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