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Problem with Snapmirror through ipSec tunnel


Hi all,

We moved a filer to another location after seeding the snapmirrors locally.

The Intercluster interfaces are reachable (cluster peer ping) and via icmp ping.


Ports 80, 443, 11104 and 11105 are opened through the IPsec tunnel and we see traffic over the last two ports.


However, we cannot update any volume with the following error:

smc.snapmir.update.fail: Snapmirror update from source volume 'SVM2DMZNFS1:NFS249SRDMZ' to destination volume 'SVM9362-NFS1:NFS249SRDMZ_mir' failed with error 'Transfer failed.(Replication operation request failed from Cluster Id: d5a83318-5bcb-11e7-89cd-00a098b39ac9, Node Id: b77876e9-5bc9-11e7-9ba8-c74e6e3fe8c2 to Cluster Id: 65e87c4b-88b1-11e7-b3d2-00a098b6f00b, Node Id: 093461ae-88ad-11e7-991d-0fc865130f66 due to a network error

(CSM: An operation did not complete within the specified timeout window.))'. Relationship UUID 'c729c271-285b-11e8-9351-00a098b6f019'.


Setting up a new relationship also fails:

Warning: Unable to list entries in cluster SMC1. Timeout: Operation "xc_nameVvolTable_iterator::next()" took longer than 60 seconds to
complete [from mgwd on node "nld2sud04-n01" (VSID: -1) to mgwd at d7535dc7-5bcb-11e7-b6ad-00a098b4d8b8]
Error: command failed: Volume "SVM1LUN1:LUN100SRdbs015DB2data2" not found. (Timeout: Operation "xc_nameVvolTable_iterator::next()" took longer
than 60 seconds to complete [from mgwd on node "nld2sud04-n01" (VSID: -1) to mgwd at d7535dc7-5bcb-11e7-b6ad-00a098b4d8b8])


I did a network trace to see if any data goes through other interfaces, but did not find anything.


I searched everywhere, but cannot find a solution.


Any help?


Thanks in advance!
kind regards,

Martijn Moret



I have exactly the same issue. Can you please let me know how did you resolve this one?


Hello Martijn,


I don't know if you ever solved this issue. I ran into this same error message with ONTAP 9.4P3 while establishing a new volume protection.


I  got it working by changing/correcting the MTU size of Intercluster lifs.


hope this helps.




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