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Qtree/Quota Volume Update

I need to move a volume to a new aggregate and the volume is a qtree with quotas.  What is the recommended way to update the quotas current volume with the new volume and then update the snapmirror relationship?




Re: Qtree/Quota Volume Update

You can move volumes to new aggregate in a fly with command "vol move start volname destinationaggregatename".

If it has NFS share, you have to unexport before you move.

IF it has LUN, no action required and there is no impact to LUN connectivity.

Since there is no change in volume/qtree name, no action required to update quotas. Still you can verify quota with command "quota report".

If your volume is in snapmirror, post move you can update snapmirror relation. If that didn't help  you can resync from source.


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