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Questions about FAS 2750 12*1.8TB disk planning


Currently, there are 12*1.8TB SAS disks that provide storage services for the two regions. Use NFS for NAS storage.
Q1: How to plan disks, use RAID DP or ADP?


Q2: The customer requires that the total of the two regions is not less than 10TB, the A region is not less than 6TB, and the B region is not less than 4TB. How does AGGR plan?

Q3: Two control nodes are installed. Can each node independently control an area or can aggr provide storage services for virtualized servers?





DP can be used with ADP.    DP is a RAID Level and ADP is partitioning of the disks.  Root-Data or Root-Data-Data depending on the system.  you sound like you're a partner,  check out the ADP deck in Field Portal. 


For 12 drives, your best bet is just to use a single aggr.  Check out the config in Fusion.  


From what you wrote it sounds like they want to separate Geos on a single system?   Maybe consider creating an SVM (Storage VM) per Geo.  



Thanks for your reply! But I don't know what GEO is. As you said, is it ok for me to create an AGGR, then create 2 SVM on one AGGR, and create different volumes and Luns in different SVM to serve different devices and regions?


Geo = Geographic 


I use ONTAP version 9.70P9, and only saw the automatic creation of aggregations, and the system automatically created two aggregations for me. But I heard from friends that when the number of disks is small, "ADP" can be used to get more space. But I did not find how to use ADP in GUI (browser). Is consloe required to configure ADP?


Also, as mentioned above, if it is 12 * 1.8TB SAS, how much free space can I get after using ADP? How about using automatic aggregation? Thank you very much and I wish you a happy day!


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