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Raid Size Group


Hello I have 1 netapp with 900 GB SAS sas disks 24 and 1 disk shelf DS4246 with 2 TB SATA disks 24 What would be the best Raid configuration I need Size Gruoup leave 2 spare disks


Re: Raid Size Group



depends on your trade-off between performance and space. the more disks in a raid-group the better performance


it is easy with the SAS disks:


1 raid-group 20+2+2


it's a bit different with the SATA disks because a SATA raid-group is limited to 20 disks




18+2+4 spares


you can also have 2 raid-groups but it doesn't make sense as the performance is worse and you are getting the same capacity (18 data disks)


(9+2) + (9+2) + 2 spares


(this is all assuming the use of  RAID-DP)





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