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Receiving Alert "OUT OF INODES"


Greetings all that can assist,


I have been receiving a message from one of the filers stating that it is OUT OF INODES.  Yet, when I read the alert, it is basically vague as to what, where, it is out of the inodes.  The current make up of the filer is as follows:


Used: 48.92TB

Available: 78.26TB

Spare: 21.17 TB


So it is not like I am out of space and there are no volumes at 98% or higher, and I have adjusted the qtress to be all under 90%, yet the message is now cbeginning to come more frequently.


Unfortunately, our maintenance contract has yet to be signed, so I am on my own.


As always, any and all help is greatly appreciated, especially in one is drowning...






Re: Receiving Alert "OUT OF INODES"


Since I see you are in 7-mode you are out of inodes


df -i the volume.


Then use the max files command to change them


 maxfiles testvol putnumberhere


read this




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