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Reconfigure primary interfaces


I have a FAS2520 running 8.2.2 7-mode. During the setup I configured e0a with an IP address, which is now what OnCommand is using to manage the system. I should have created a VIF using e0a, e0b, e0c, and e0d and then assigned this IP address to the VIF. Is there a way to change that now? I did create a VIF but was only able to add e0b, e0c, and e0d. How can I add e0a with the current IP address it has assigned to it?


Re: Reconfigure primary interfaces


You've got options:


1. assign an IP to e0M, then reconnect system manager to that IP and use the GUI to fix up the other interfaces.


2. re-run setup, put in all the updated/corrected settings, then reboot the controller.


3. Log in to the service processor, and reconfigure the interface form the CLI.  Then edit the on-disk config files so the changes will persist accross reboots.



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