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Redistribute cluster ports and data ports (e0c, e0d, e0e, e0f) differently




running 8.3RC1.


The Netapp partner who installed our systems configured each node of our FAS 2554 so that ports e0c and e0d are used for intercluster communication, while ports e0e and e0f are grouped together in a port group for data traffic.


Afterwards, he said that that wasn't the best pracice because port e0c and e0d share the same controller (same goes for the other pair, e0e and e0f).


So the best practice would be to use e0c along with e0e for cluster traffic, and ports e0d with e0f for data (or the other way around, by using ports from different controllers anyways).


How can we now implement that? I read on the manual how to remove a port from a port group, but not how to stop using a port for cluster communications.

Thank you very much.



HWU lists the recommended cluster ports for that model as e0e and e0f.  


The reason the default ports share the same ASIC, is that they are UTA ports.  If there was a requirement for FC, and a port had to be flipped to FC mode, both ports on the ASIC flip together.  


On larger systems, 8040 and up for example, there are sufficient ports to implement things like split-asic connectivity and 4 links/node to the cluster network.