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Resize LUNs with Provisioning Manager


Hello Everbody,

I have a question regarding LUN management withing the NetApp Management Console/Protection Manager. When I try to resize a LUN in a dataset I always get the following error message "This Option is not possible for LUN".

In the "Provisioning Manager and Protection Manager Printable Help" manual I found the following statement:

When provisioning resources for primary data, you can choose to  increase the available space in an existing volume by deleting Snapshot  copies or by assigning additional space for the volume. LUNs cannot be  resized.

Is there a specific reason why LUNs cannot be resized withing Provisioning Manager? Am I supposed to resize the LUN with tools like "System Manager" or via the CLI? Will it break my protection plan on the secondary storage if I resize the LUN on the primary storage?





Currently, Provisioning Manager doesn't support the LUN resize operataion. Even if Provisioning Manager does support resizing a lun, for that manually on host side, you need to rescan the lun to discover the changes and do resize the filesystem created on that lun. Same steps need to be taken care if you use system manager or ONTAP CLI. To simplify these things, you can use "SnapDrive" Host utility software provided by NetApp, which will allow you to resize your lun mapped and aswell your filesystem created on it(drive in windows case).

If you still feels that the feature is required in Provisioning Manager then you can open a RFE for the same..!

Lun resize operation doesnt break your protection relationships, the changed lun properties will get updated to secondary storage in the next protection update.

Please let us know if you still have any queries.

Warm Regards

Sivaprasad K


If the following option is enabled and the secondary volume(backup or mirror destination ) was provisioned by Protection Manager, then growth of primary is taken care by PM before every update.

In case of SnapVault and QtreeSnapMirror, its resized to 1.32x of the source volume size before every update/replication.

In case of VSM its taken care as during the initial provisioning of the volume, its created with guarantee set to none and sized to the aggr.