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SAN Migration Frm ONTAP 9 to Another ONTAP 9 Cluster in different location Mapped to Oracle host


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We are planning for SAN migration From One netapp Cluster to Another NetaPP cluster. These SAN luns are hosted on Oracle host. One oracle host is using 41 LUNs. 

My question is once migration is complete and we perform the cutover and mapping of new Luns to the Host , will the oracle database not face the indexing issue? on new storage LUNs. If yes? how can i frix it ? Also once migration is complete the source box will be discarded.


We have aleady configured Snapmirror between Source and Destination Cluster.


Please excuse me i am still a naive in NetApp. 🙂


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I do not quite understand what “indexing” means here, but to perform switch you need to

- stop applications that access old LUN, unmount file systems on these LUNs; if possible, shut down hosts to make sure LUNs are not changed any more

- perform final snapmirror update; wait for it to complete

- break mirrors, present new LUNs to hosts

After that hosts should see exactly the same content on new LUNs. New LUNs will have new serial numbers (and UUIDs) so you may need to adjust your host configuration to reflect it.


Got your point...By indexing i mean Oracle database uses data blocks or index blocks to store data at granular level.


 the only thing that's scary is the oracle servers are using all the 41 Luns as a whole and will this migration not affect that indexing at database level?

Or is there any other step i should include to avoid such situation(s)?


Sorry, I still do not understand what “indexing” means.

If you perform snapmirror update after application has been cleanly stopped and host shutdown, copy should be good. If you are using mount points, just mount replicas in the same place. If you are using raw devices, it depends how application identifies them. The simplest case is if application scans for some signatures on device - then it should just work. If application is configured to use specific device names - those names will likely change, now it is application dependent how to make it use new devices.

But from NetApp side final update after host has been shutdown normally should give you identical copy of data.


My only concern is ... is there any possiblity that database gets currupt if we follow this process...? 

As we can not afford to take that risk. 😞