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SVM DR Assistance

Hello. I am Trying to convert some existing snapmirror DP relationships to a SVM DR relationship per the article here: 

When I run the command: snapmirror resync -destination-path *destination_SVM* it comes back with this error. I'm not sure how to get past it. Any advice?
Error: command failed: Could not determine whether msid needs to be preserved or not. Reason: Root volumes do not match.


Thanks in advance.


Re: SVM DR Assistance

In case if you haven't match the volume name on source and destination.


  1. Ensure that the names of the source volume and destination volume (including the root volume) are the same
  2. View the names of the source volume and destination volume by using the snapmirror show command.
  3. If the names are not the same, rename the destination DP volume to match the name of its source volume by using the volume rename command.

Re: SVM DR Assistance

Thanks for the suggestion. I have made sure all volumes except the root volume are mirrored and also that the name of the root volume is the same on both.

These steps from the article above worked for some other SVM's but I keep getting this msid error on others.

Re: SVM DR Assistance

Can you please post the output of following commands.


ClusterPROD::> volume show -vserver svmprod01 -fields msid

ClusterDR::> volume show -vserver svmdr01 -fields msid

ClusterDR::> snapmirror show -fields msid-preserve

And what's your ontap version ? 

Re: SVM DR Assistance

DR::> vol show -vserver DRSVM -fields msid
vserver volume msid
------------ ------------- ----------
DRSVM volume1 2147485366
DRSVM volume2 2147485367
DRSVM volume3 2147485368
DRSVM volume4 2147485369
DRSVM SOURCESVM_root 2147484681
5 entries were displayed.


SOURCE::> vol show -vserver SOURCESVM -fields msid
vserver volume msid
--------- ------------- ----------
SOURCESVM volume1 2147484675
SOURCESVM volume2 2147484676
SOURCESVM volume3 2147484677
SOURCESVM volume4 2147484678
5 entries were displayed.


DR::*> snapmirror show -destination-path DRSVM: -fields msid-preserve
source-path destination-path msid-preserve
----------- ---------------- -------------

Re: SVM DR Assistance

Since the MSID is different, you can use the options "-identity-preserve false" while create the SVM snapmirror relationship




Preserve the DR-volumes MSID


ClusterDR::> set diag
ClusterDR::*> debug vserverdr restamp-msid -vserver svmdr83 -preserve-msid true


here is the lil more detailed steps.




View solution in original post

Re: SVM DR Assistance

Thanks this article helped accomplish what I needed to do.

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