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SVM DR Issue


Hi to all,

I explain what is our problem:


On cluster A we have svm_A previously peered and snapmirrored with svm_A_DR on cluster B, for error we have deleted svm_A (volumes, peer, snapmirror, snaphot, relationship...all)

on site B now we have svm_A_DR type=dp-destination without root volume (that was deleted) and we can't delete this svm because The Vserver is associated with Active Directory configured CIFS server "CIFS-TEST2" . The deletion is partially complete. Delete the CIFS server using "cifs delete" and retry to complete the deletion 


But if we try to delete CIFS server "CIFS-TEST2"


command failed: This operation is not permitted on a Vserver that is configured as the destination for Vserver DR


Is there a way to delete this svm?


Thank you in advance



Just so we are clear, the SVM is still in dp-destination state?


So you deleted all the primary SVM's prior to deleting the DR one?


Im not sure what you mean by 'for error we deleted svm a (production svm?)


Can you clarify and maybe I can assist


Yes SVM still in dp-destination
Yes we deleted primary svm before DR
For error means that we don't know very well Netapp we have 2 new FAS2620 and we are triyng to understand how it work

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