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Snapmirror vs Snapvault issue

Hello NetApp Gurus,


I have an issue with Snapvault.

Source - NetApp Release 9.1P1:

Destination - NetApp Release 9.1P5


Snapmirror relationship ( one snapmirror (DP) other one Snapvault (XDP) )

Source Destination Mirror Relationship Total Last
Path Type Path State Status Progress Healthy Updated
----------- ---- ------------ ------- -------------- --------- ------- --------
source:myvol1 DP destination:myvol1_vault Uninitialized Transferring 7.59GB true 07/05 01:37:59
source:myvol2 XDP destination:myvol2_vault Uninitialized Transferring 2.84GB true 07/05 01:37:20


Both source and destinations are located different DCs and there are firewalls between them. My snapmirror (DP) relationship intialization still going but snapvault fails after sometime. What could be the reason for snapvault to fail. If problem with Network then snapmirror should fail as well IMO.


Any clues?




Re: Snapmirror vs Snapvault issue

Did you check the logs files under




check files mgwd.log & snapmirror.log see what it is telling or past it here so we can check

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