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Snaplock aggregate expansion


Is it possible to expand (add new disks) to Snaplock Enterprise or Snaplock Compliance aggregates? 

I believe on 7-mode it was possible but reallocation on it was not supported. What's the status with ONTAP 9.3/9.4 ?


Re: Snaplock aggregate expansion


We can expand the enterprise snaplock aggregate..


if your talking about aggregate relatocate (arl) then  it supports


Once the aggregate moves to the destination node, VCC(volume compliance clock) of all the SnapLock volumes hosted on
that aggregate is reassociated with the new host node’s SCC(system compliance clock time), resulting in the loss of some clock ticks.
This does not skew VCC too much as compared to SCC. VCC will lose some ticks until the volume
moves to the partner node.




Hope this helps


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