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SVM with CIFS slow after 7MTT ?




is there anything going weird when a volume has been transitioned from 7 Mode to a new SVM on an 2650.


Old System 2554 7 mode 8.1

New System 2650 9.1P10


Funny thing is. AGGR is 12x 4TB Sata: My first svm is serving data with 250mb/s

The 2nd SVM on the same aggr (so the same hdds) just another name and share is serving 40-50mb/s while the whole system has no load. from/to the same client.


What is wrong with the transitioned volume ?


it is basically as SLOW as when it was on the 2554 lol


Re: SVM with CIFS slow after 7MTT ?




Does the LIFs have the same configuration and hosting port? does it share the same subnet or need maybe another hop for the client to get to it? is the client mange to negotiate the same SMB protocol version with both SVMs ?



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK
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