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C-Mode MetroCluster Brocade 6505 configuration


I'm extremely confused by available documentation about Brocade 6505 in cDOT FMC. MetroClustr CIG port connection table presumes 24 ports are used. RCF currently avaialable for download also configure switches for 24 ports. OTOH MetroCluster Technical FAQ (both for 9.0-9.2 and 9.3) say literally "How many ports for ISLs and stacks are included in the
switch golden configuration files? - For the 6505, then, ports 6 and 7 are assigned for storage attachment, and ports 8, 9, 10, and 11 are assigned for ISLs. This setup then requires only one PoD license (12 ports)". Which clearly does not match RCFs I see. It may have been true for older RCF versions (1.2?) and we have just received factory preinstalled metrocluster with ONTAP 9.1, 6505 and RCF 1.2 which exactly match the above statement. OTOH this clearly violates existing public CIG and provided RCF.


Confused ...






it looks like the FAQ is out of date here. I forwarded your feedback to the owner of the document.






Then I'm confused even more. I'm trying to find MetroCluster Installation Express Guide (factory preinstalled) for ONTAP 9.x and it apparently does not exist at all. Does it mean that for ONTAP 9.x no factory installation is performed? But here I see factory preinstalled 2 node metrocluster using ONTAP 9.1 but switch setup matches 1-to-1 Express Guide for 8.3. Is it expected? I mean, if "small" clusters running ONTAP 9.x are continued to be setup in factory according to 8.3 procdedure then I'd also expect Express Guide to still exist and FAQ is then correct. Otherwise what's the point of factory installation if everything is supposed to be wiped out on customer site anyway?


Hi  aborzenkov,


also please bear in mind that we started to leverage dynamic port licensing in order to achive a consistent cabling layout for all MCC configurations irrespective of the number of licensed ports.

So with only 12 ports being licensed for a 6505 does not mean you have to use ports 0-11 anymore, but *any* 12 ports. Hence you can put the SFPs into any port to adhere to the CIG as long it's only up to 12. Using more than 12 ports will require the additonal POD license.


regards, Niels



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