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Single-Node Cluster damage


my Cluster don't start up.



Internal error: Cannot open corrupt replicated database. Automatic recovery
attempt has failed or is disabled. Check the event logs for details. This node
is not fully operational.



vifmgr Database seem to be broken.

Is the any option to repair ist?


When i change to 7-Mode shell on the Node i can see all data-volumes are ok.

The Cluster is a Single-Node System.  Another options is to reinstall the Cluster and bring back the volumes later.

When i start cluster setup and configure it, after finih the error will be the same.


Any ideas?

Running Ontap 9.6P5



Re: Single-Node Cluster damage

try this: 


halt the node to get to the LOADERA> 


run:  "unsetenv bootarg.init.boot_recovery" 

and then "boot_ontap"   


Re: Single-Node Cluster damage

LOADER-A> unsetenv bootarg.init.boot_recovery
Could not delete environment variable 'bootarg.init.boot_recovery': Environment variable not found
Environment variable not found (errcode=-9)



i have read in a other forum that this option is not longer supportet in 9.6

Re: Single-Node Cluster damage

huh  TodayILearned... 

let me do some additional looking. 



Re: Single-Node Cluster damage

Nothing else I can find, and i've checked with a few others.  I'd open a case asap if you haven't already. 

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Re: Single-Node Cluster damage

Thanks for your Support.

Re: Single-Node Cluster damage

Not sure if this is fixed or not, In 9.6 we have a command to verify and fix this from cluster shell 


system configuration recovery node mroot-state show << This will show the state of RDB 

based on the output you can use the clear command to fix that .



Re: Single-Node Cluster damage

What's the clear command?  I don't see it in the command 


labcluster::*> system configuration recovery node mroot-state ?
show *Show mroot recovery state

Re: Single-Node Cluster damage

::> system configuration recovery node mroot-state clear -recovery-state

Options for recovery-state are 'all|wafl|rdb'


The command will only available when there is an issue .

Re: Single-Node Cluster damage

Cool, thank you for the info. 


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