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Flexgroup aggregate best practice


As per Tr-4571 best practice for a FAS based flexgroup is 2 aggregates per node.


What would be the conequences of adding a 3rd aggregate per node.



6 node FAS8200 cluster 3x DS460C shelves per pair loaded with 10TB drives


2 data aggregates per node ~288TB per aggr

Aggregates are 42x 10TB drives 12 drive RAID-TEC raid groups.

4 member volumes per aggr, ~68TB


so far so comforming to the Tr


Single flexgroup spans the cluster and is approaching 95% full


Customer has additional shelves available and would like to expand the flexgroup.

Adding an aggregate breaks the 2 per node best practice rule

Adding a raid group breaks the 400TB aggr size limit


So without adding nodes what would the implications be of adding a 3rd aggregate per node.  I'm loath to break best practice


Re: Flexgroup aggregate best practice


No real consequence. The best practice is based on the number of aggregate affinities available in ONTAP; there are only two aggregate affinities per node. Adding a third aggregate doesn't add more affinities so no perf gain. You do get capacity gains however.

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Re: Flexgroup aggregate best practice


great to know,  thanks for the responding so quickly!

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