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SnapMirror Fails After 8.2.5P1 Upgrade

This morning, I upgraded OnTAP from 8.2.4P6 to 8.2.5P1 on our 3270 HA Pair which only serves as a SnapMirror destination system for the few systems we have still running 7-mode.


Inexplicably, all SnapMirror jobs are now failing. The system indicates it cannot connect to the source filers. From what I could tell, the change might have happened after a subsequent, automatic upgrade of the service processor to version 1.4.4. I noticed I could no longer connect in System Manager via the replication IPs like we had for years, and I had to switch to using the managment IP's. I'm showing no errors when running ifconfig -a.


We have made numerous upgrades on this system for the past seven years, and never have we had snapmirror suddenly stop working like this. Any recommendations or suggestions?


Re: SnapMirror Fails After 8.2.5P1 Upgrade

Found fhe following on one node:


Event: pvif.lacp.outofsync


Message: ifgrp repvif, port e4d cannot synchronize with the LACP aggregate.



"Repvif" is the ifgroup used for replication.


It's like something blew up the replication ifgroup even though it shows up normally in System Manager and at the command line. Any ideas?

Re: SnapMirror Fails After 8.2.5P1 Upgrade

Weirdly, bouncing the interface group resolved the issue. For some reason, one of the ports on each node wasn't working correctly. Bouncing the group forced it to switch ports.

Re: SnapMirror Fails After 8.2.5P1 Upgrade

what ifgrp status reports..


if they show as not connected or lag_inactive then I think you may need to re-create the vifgrp.



Re: SnapMirror Fails After 8.2.5P1 Upgrade

What type of SnapMirror are you using, is it Qtree SnapMirror or Volume SnapMirror?

Please note Volume SnapMirror have strict requirements on the version of ONTAP you are running on both systems.

Re: SnapMirror Fails After 8.2.5P1 Upgrade

@naveens17, thank you for your reply. The connections do show as active.


@Damien_Queen, it is qtree snapmirror so I don't have the version restriction, thankfully!

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