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SnapMirror Relationship uninitialize Status




I recently create an snapmirror job under Data Protection and it seems that the Relationship State is uninitialized however the Transfer Status it say transferring  plus the Current Transfer Type it initialize. I verified the destination volume and it is currently restricted which I'm assuming that is because is on read only due to initial transfer type. So my question if this is normal or there is something else I will need to do for initialize the relationship? Any help will be much appreciate it.






Re: SnapMirror Relationship uninitialize Status


This means the data is transferring.

Re: SnapMirror Relationship uninitialize Status



what he said

Re: SnapMirror Relationship uninitialize Status


Basically when you initiate the snapmiror relationship until the the complete data copy is transfered , snapmirror status will be in "uninitialized and transfering status " which means currently data copy is in progress. Once the data is copied you will see as "Snapmirrored and Idle" status which means data copy completed and are in sync.


The only thing you want to make sure is using snapmirror status -l <destination full path" and check out whether the data is moving or not , under the KB transfered you will see the number of data is moved etc..that is the confirmation of data copy is in progress. Use the command  to know the exact status of the copy,


snapmirror show -destination-path filername:<dest_vol>  -fields status,last-transfer-size


Expected outcome current :


source-path         destination-path        status            last-transfer-size  

<source path>    <destination path>   Transfering    <in MB's >            


If the last transfer size is increasing then the copy is going good. Finally you will see as "Snapmirrored Idle"




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