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SnapMirror cannot connect to source filer


Hi all,


We have two OnTap 7.3.6 filers with SnapMirror setup.


We have moved one of the filers to a different IP subnet and when we now try to update the SnapMirror partnership we get the error:


 SnapMirror Update failed : Snapmirror error : cannot connect to source filer


Before moving the filer we quiesced the partnerships and we then hoping to simply Resume and Update. The IP of the moved filer has been updated to the new subnet and I am able to ping between the two filers.  I have checked the /etc/hosts file has been updated, and that the /etc/snapmirror.allow has both the filer names and IP addresses correct at both ends. "options snapmirror.access legacy" is set so that it uses the snapmirror.allow file


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance





Re: SnapMirror cannot connect to source filer

Do you have any firewalls or routers between the subnets?

Re: SnapMirror cannot connect to source filer


I had this several times before. My number #1 fault topic with netapp is actually routing.
Make sure both filers are in the host file and you can ping each of the filers ip & name. Make sure as well that you can ping both the default gateways in each subnet. If this is not the case than it's likely that you'd need to add a route to either of the networks and tell the filer through what interface/gateway the traffic needs to go through.
Obviously it would help if you could add some more information so we can help in troubleshooting.

Re: SnapMirror cannot connect to source filer


Thank you so much @axsys!


It worked for me, under the same scenario.

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