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SnapMirror with all snapshots being busy


Dear Community Members,


I have two sites with two FAS8020  cDot 8.2.1. I have several volumes replicated with Snapmirror from site A to site B without any problem, but i have one volume which has a behaviour complety different from the others.


On volume with normal behaviour the snapmirror has some snapshots named has "snapmirror.43nb34n234b-232-123-23-blablabla" with status busy, and application dependency has busy, snapmirror. all other snapshots are in normal state, which is the normal behaviour.


On the "special" volume  i have also some snapshots named has "snapmirror.43nb34n234b-232-123-23-blablabla" with status busy, and application dependency has busy, snapmirror, but all the other snapshots are in state busy, and the application dependency show the value has busy. What could lead to these behaviour? I dont have any clone mounted, and i dont see any explanation!


Kind Regards






That cryptic number seems to be your snampmirror id


vserver1::> snapmirror list-destinations

Source Destination Transfer Last Relationship
Path Type Path Status Progress Updated ID
----------- ----- ------------ ------- --------- --------- ----------------
DP vserver2:dp_d1
Idle - - 06b4327b-954f-11e1-af65-123478563412
XDP vserver2:xdp_d1
Idle - - a9c1db0b-954f-11e1-af65-123478563412


you may want to release that if its hanging



vserver1::> snapmirror delete -relationship-id 06b4327b-954f-11e1-af65-123478563412 -source-path vserver1:dp_s1 -destination-path vserver2:dp_d1


you may wanna do -force if necessary

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