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SnapRestore License is require in SRM?


Hi Guys,


Our infra is using NetApp storage (NFS) with VMware.

Whenever I perform 1st attempt Recovery in SRM, it appeared the errors,


Error: Failed to promote replica devices. Failed to promote replica device '//xxxxxx/xxxxxxx_vol01', SRA command 'failover' failed for device '//xxxxxx/xxxxxxx_vol01'.

The SnapRestore license is not present Ensure that the SnapRestore license is enabled.


When I perform 2nd attempt, it able to perform faiover to recovery sites.


Is there any idea? Why the 1st attempt need SnapRestore enabled?

SRM not only using SnapMirror?


Need help..






A SnapRestore license is required on the NetApp system only NON-QUIESCED SMVI SNAPSHOT RECOVERY. This feature is not available in NetApp FAS/V-Series Storage Replication Adapter 2.0 for SRM 5. Refer the TR 3671


Hope this help.

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I am having the exact same problem on SRM 6.1, SRA, and NetApp Cluster Mode 8.3.2.  Has anyone found a solution to this?


I'm using NetApp FAS/V-Series Storage Replication Adapter 2.1 for SRM 5.5

However, when I perform recovery..


the error show that, i do not have the snaprestore license.

When I perform 2nd attempt, it can pass thru.


Any idea what's wrong? why snaprestore will use in this senario?



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