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Snapmirror Resync behavior


We are currently using SVM-DR to replicate data in our environment.  I notice every time when we run snapmirror resync, storage efficiency is re-enabled on all target volumes even if storage efficiency is disabled manually before the resync.  This is causing SE process on target volumes to start after each snapmirror update and eventually SE will error out before next the snapmirror update.  EMS log also fills up with the same error repeatedly.  Has anyone experiencing this issue in their environment ?


Sun Nov 01 23:10:30 -0500 {cluster_nodename: f: sis.chkpoint.restore.failed:error]: SIS operation on the volume '/vol/vol01@vserver' failed to restore from a previous checkpoint. Starting SIS operation from the beginning.


Re: Snapmirror Resync behavior


There is an RFE opened to add a functionality to disable SE on a destination volumes of SVM DR permanently


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Re: Snapmirror Resync behavior


Thanks for checking, we will follow up with our NetApp SAM.

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