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Snapmirror XDP with Efficiency on the Destination..


Dear Community,


I have a Question on the following Szenario:


Cluster A , Volume with Dedup enabled -> Snapmirror XDP to Cluster B AFF System all Efficieny function are enabled.

after I break the Mirror and went online on Cluster B I have Dedup Savings.

But the Table says it must be LSR and all Efficieny functions will be regenerated on the destination, so how can I use compaction and compression on that Volume?







From what I've seen, dedupe scans run in the background in XDP after the update finishes. You can confirm by viewing the SIS log file on the destination filer. Open the SPI (https://clustermgmtIP/spi), then go to logs, and there should be a sis log file, or sis.1, sis.2, etc. Those are just text files. You should see something where it does a "sis start vault".


I'm 90% sure that you should have a dedupe scan after the XDP finishes, but that should confirm it 100%.


Hi Fabian1993,


You can use the following commands to check volume efficiency:


::> volume efficiency show

::> volume efficiency stat -vserver <VSERVER_NAME> -volume <VOLUME_NAME>

::> volume efficiency policy show


You can use the following command to enable compaction, compression, and the compression type with the following command:


::> volume efficiency modify -volume <VOLUME_NAME> -compression true -compression-type adaptive -compaction true


You can use the following documents as reference:

Managing inline data compaction 

Enabling deduplication 

Enabling compression 

KB: How to see space savings from deduplication, compression, and compaction in ONTAP 9 


You can also include the "-instance" flag at the end of most commands to view more information, i.e. volume efficiency show -instance.





Team NetApp

Team NetApp


Nothing worked,  only If i delete the old Snaps, the the commands with scan-blocks and manuell starts will work and the  Efficiency functions during their Jobs, but with the old Snapshots it doesn't work...