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Snapmirror abort with idle check point 31 TB

Hi All,


I am migrating a volume from FAS01 to FAS02. I have initialize the transfer. The initial transfer is still running. I have aborted the initial transfer of snapmirror. It showed me the status as Idle with check point 31 TB. I have aborted it due some space constraint. Later i have resolved the space issue and started the initial transfer. It should start from 31 TB, but it has started from 15 TB. Actually i have asked my colleague to initialize the replication. I have gone through logs to check what are the commands ran by him.


He ran the below commands : 


Wed Feb 3 20:33:07 PST [SC-NAS-02: telnet_0:debug]: root@[]:IN:ssh2 shell:snapmirror resume SC-NAS-02:/vol/VUSGLSAN01_FS3/VCSBackups
Wed Feb 3 20:33:14 PST [SC-NAS-02: telnet_0:debug]: root@[]:IN:snapmirror:snapmirror
Wed Feb 3 20:33:35 PST [SC-NAS-02: telnet_0:debug]: root@[]:IN:ssh2 shell:df -Ag
Wed Feb 3 20:33:57 PST [SC-NAS-02: telnet_0:debug]: root@[]:IN:ssh2 shell:snapmirror initialize -S VUS-GLSAN-01:/vol/FS3/VCSBackups SC-NAS-02:/vol/VUSGLSAN01_FS3/VCSBackups
Wed Feb 3 20:34:04 PST [SC-NAS-02: telnet_0:debug]: root@[]:IN:ssh2 shell:snapmirror status
Wed Feb 3 20:34:28 PST [SC-NAS-02: telnet_0:debug]: root@[]:IN:ssh2 shell:snapmirror status


I don't know why this is happened. I have done this before, that time everything went smoothly. I



Can anyone please suggest me why it is happened...?


Snapmirror replication type is QSM.


VUS-GLSAN-01:/vol/FS3/VCSBackups                                           SC-NAS-02:/vol/VUSGLSAN01_FS3/VCSBackups                                 Uninitialized  -          Idle with restart checkpoint (at 31 TB)


Current status:


Snapmirror is on.
Source Destination State Lag Status
VUS-GLSAN-01:/vol/FS3/VCSBackups SC-NAS-02:/vol/VUSGLSAN01_FS3/VCSBackups Uninitialized - Transferring (15 TB done)


Re: Snapmirror abort with idle check point 31 TB



Please refer this KB article https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=2012288



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Re: Snapmirror abort with idle check point 31 TB

Hi Hariprak


I have done this before on other FAS system which is running with same ontap version.

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