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Snapmirror destination, snapvault source and destination on same system

Hi to all,


I have on Site A one FAS8020 with two controllers, with one SVM, and 2 volumes that i have protected with Snapmirror to Site B. On Site B i have one FAS8020 with just  only one controller and one SVM which will contain the volumes mirrored, and also the vaulted ones.

I marked the Snapshots on FAS A (with an label to_vault) they are being snapmirrored to a volume mirrored on B site. The mirrored volume is the source for the Snapvault. The problem is that the snapshot are not being transfered from Site B Mirrored Volume to Site B Vault volume. Since i have low bandwith between both sites...i prefer these scenario.


 Scenario A





I already tried the classical one wich is the above, and everything is working properly. 



Iam using DATA ONTAP 8.2.1 Cluster.


Kind Regards

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