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Vscan questions

Hello all -


I have a question in regards to vscan within our Netapp FAS2240-2 controller. We currently do not have vscan enabled on our cifs shares but am reading about it and trying to find out what the actual benefit is. First off, I am no expert so any advice is definitely appreciated.


My thoughts are, the actuals files being saved to the shares in our cifs environment are scanned when opened/saved anyways from our end users client machines. So what benefit would it be to have the controller doing an additional scan on the file via the same trend micro scanner that already performed a scan.


On our cifs shares we do have a common area for file storage, a personal area for end users to store items, and terminal services profiles for logins.




8.1 7-mode

NFS, Cifs

Vmware ESXi 5.5

Citrix Xenapp 6.5






Re: Vscan questions

Any thoughts? Thanks.

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