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Snapmirror filesys-size-fixed


Hello Guys,


Got a:
Source: On-premise system FAS2520 with Ontap 9.1.P8
Destination: AWS system with Ontap with 9.1

we have one volume snapmirror from onpremise to aws, no vserverdr, just a simple snapmirror.

I thought that the filesys-size-fixed would always be true on the destination but this does not seem to be the case.. I went then to the destination:

snapmirror break -destination-path vserver:volume
vol modify volume -vserver x -filesys-size-fixed true
vol show -vserver x -fields filesys-size-fixed: output: true
snapmirror resync -destination-path vserver:volume

and suddenly the filesys-size-fixed is false again... hence he's not automatically increasing the size on the destination volume if I increase the size in the source. Anyone has ever experienced that? I have various svmdrs running on other systems and there I have configuration on source with filesys-size-fixed true and false but the destination is always on true.
I'm not sure whether it has to do with the Ontap version or is a configuration issue?






Nobody? 😕

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