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Snapmirror reinstation after tech refresh


Hi Experts.


Right now we have an active snapmirror between Primary and Secondary site ie Singapore and HongKong.


SG is the primary and data is replicated every 5 mins to HK - which is a DR site i.e not active unless source goes donw due to some reason.



-old represents the existing filer and -new is the new filer for tech refreshing the old ones.


SG-old --> Snapmirrors --> HK-old


My plan for tech refreshing this filer is as below


Setup SM from SG-old to SG-new (in addition to current SG-old to HK-old).


During the downtime - failover services to HK-old and let all current IO's go there.


My question is - Will a resync work from HK-old to SG-new or not?


Please advice.


Re: Snapmirror reinstation after tech refresh


If you are going to use separate shelf stacks for each of the new and old controllers, I think an easy way to do this would be by cascading the snapmirrors. Like, SG old -> HK old -> SG new -> HK new. That way you can avoid a resync. If you are planning to continue with HK old, after HK old -> SG new, you may have to do a snapmirror reverse resync. Please see "Data Protection Online Backup and Recovery Guide" at https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_download_file/ECMP1196991 for supported configurations.

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