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Snapmirrored qtree & volume clones



We are running multiple snapmirror relationships between our primary and secondary filers.

When I flexclone a volume on the secondary that contains qtree snapmirror relationships, and then look at the qtree status on the secondary, the qtree is marked as snapmirrored.

Is there anyway to make the qtree normal without having to break the snapmirror relationship before cloning ?


Re: Snapmirrored qtree & volume clones


I think there is no way since this is part snapmirror relationship,until we break we cannot have normal qtree..

If it shows as snapmirrored we can simply break the relationship to the newly created <clonedvolume> and to the primary filer.

snapmirror status <new cloned volume> --> this shows the relationship

break the relationship between source filer <--> Newly created cloned volume.

Hope this helps.



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Snapmirrored qtree & volume clones


Thanks Kannan, that helped.

you can quiesce the snapmirror via snapmirror quiesce /vol/vol1_clone/qtree_name followed by snapmirror break /vol/vol1_clone/qtree_name

The problem was that my secondary filer is a vfiler and I presented the clone volume already so couldn't quiesce or break it. This has to be done before adding it to the vfiler.

Re: Snapmirrored qtree & volume clones


Hi All,
I have 2 cluster A and B. A has one host which was previously configured and has two Datastore one is normal netapp and other is for Replication (Snapmirrored qtree).Cluster B was just been configured and has two host. I masked the lun which was also present in the Cluster A, now I can see that Datastore( normal netapp) on all the hosts. I want to share the Replicated Datastore in the same way I did for the other one, but  am unable to see the LUN to do LUN masking.


Please Suggest what would be the possible way to configure DR on both cluster in common or Is there any other way I can configure it.


Moreover how can we clone a volume before breaking mirroring?

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