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Snapshot copy of file is locked by another process?

Hey guys,
I've never run into this before, but I am having an issue where running robocopy to restore a folder and it's contents from the weekly snapshot I get errors on several files that they are currently in use?
The syntax: robocopy Y:\~snapshot\weekly.2015-08-02_0015\Foldername Y:\Foldername-RESTORED /MIR /Z
The error: Error 32 <0x00000020> filepath The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
As a snapshot copy is read-only and there are no other processes currently accessing the files (closed all explorer sessions, unmounted and remounted cifs share, and even rebooted host) to ensure there were no processes using this snapshot and still several files are failing to copy.
if you cancel the process and run it again immediately the last file you hung on, will usually copy just fine, but another one shortly thereafter will hang.
I used the SysInternals Process Explorer program to see if I could see what had those files locked and could find nothing. I check for vscan, and for volume clones based on that snapshot and again found nothing.
Just curious if anybody else had seen this behavior?
Data Ontap 8.2.3 (CDOT)




may be when you are performing ROBOCOPY at that time snapmirror or snapvault transfer is going on . I would like you check that.


Even Dirty snapshot create those problem




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