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Splitting a Cluster

We have a 6 node cluster and want split the cluster into two -> Send 4 nodes to one location and 2 nodes to another location.  Nodes 1-4 will keep their original cluster identity and SVMs. 


Is there any way to remove(evict) the last 2 nodes from the cluster and EITHER   A) start a new cluster OR   B) join them to another existing cluster without having to lose or move the volumes out of the aggregates?  LUNs and CIFS shares in the aggregates on the last 2 nodes.  


Re: Splitting a Cluster



after a node get removed it must get fully re-initialized before joining to another cluster or start it's own.

there's also no public info on cleaning node if it removed by force - so i don't recommend to split the cluster.


speak with your NetApp or partner REP about option of getting a swing-kit in order to move the data to the new cluster and store it there until you moving the nodes across.

you can maybe use SVM-DR to retain the configuration when moving it between clusters.



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK
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