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Stop Snapmirror for limited time

Hi Everyone,



I want to upgrade DataOntap in  7-mode . I want to stop snapmirror before upgrade and after upgrade again start it .


What is the best way to stop the snapmirror just for limited time  . i dont want to loose any snapshot or something happen for snapmirror relationships .





Re: Stop Snapmirror for limited time

i've done 100's of 7-mode upgrades and left it on and have done 100's of upgrades and turned it off.  Both will work.


but you want to turn it off, 


snapmirror off


when you want to turn 


snapmirror on


Re: Stop Snapmirror for limited time

Do i need first run the snapmirror quiesce ( it finished the current transmission and doesnt let the next start ) if i use quiesce how can i again restart it after upgarde ?



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