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ONTAP Discussions

Temporary stop of snapmirror in CDOT


In 7-Mode I could stop snapmirror with


snapmirror off


How is this acheived in CDOT?


Going down into the node level there is the option




But it doesn't seem to make a difference if it is on or off at this point.


Can anyone advise?





You need to run the floowing command from the destination of the snapmirror


snapmirror quiesce *


To stop the snapmirror replications on all SVM's or replace the * with the specific SVM you're looking to stop replication on.


Te resume use


snapmirror resume *


srom the same cluster (the destination of the snapmirror)


An example of where I've used this would be during DR tests where you want to pause replication during network isolation of a specific site.


As I said I have already tried this command at the node level it doesn't work.


NETAPP-01::> system node run -node * -command options snapmirror.enable
2 entries were acted on.

Node: NETAPP-Node1
snapmirror.enable            off

Node: NETAPP-Node2

snapmirror.enable            off





Upgrade guide suggests "snapmirror quiesce". You probably can use wildcards, like in "snapmirror quiesce *", to suspend all relationships in all SVMs.


maybe delete the peer relationship?



system node run -node * -command options snapmirror.enable off

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